2 STORY MODEL HOUSE, Shalom Family, God bless you all. Thank you for tuning in for today’s quick tour, guys. And today, we are Perry homes and the candela community. We’re going to be checking out design 339 w. This is a two-story, four-bedroom, three full baths, three-car garage at 3393 square feet starting from the high five hundred. And I’m sorry, it’s three and a half baths. So outside of that, guys, hopefully, you all enjoy it. I got some music playing in there, guys. It’s a little bit loud. So I’m just going to overlap this tour with some music, and I’ll meet you guys for the message at the end of the video.

I do apologize some of the rooms had to skip through because they are using. They have a conference call and some of those rooms. So I apologize for that. This is once again Perry homes had the candela community. And outside of that, it is like 35 degrees right now, so it is cold, but we’re going to get right into the message.

Do you know what I mean? 2 STORY MODEL HOUSE

So I thank you all so much for watching. But outside of that, let’s get right into the real stuff, guys. Let’s get into the message of today’s video. Okay, so today we’re in first Peter. Now, listen, I always tell you all the time, Because we know the eternity that’s coming after this life. We should be joyful every day of our lives through good and bad times. Right? Every day, we should know that we’re going through a hard time, things are going the right way.

Guess what I’m going to heaven. You got to remind yourself. I’m going to have it. I’m going to be with the Lord Jesus Christ one day. You know, we don’t know when that day maybe. You see, I’m saying we might be zapped out of here. We might be raptured out of here. Who knows? Right? Or we might go before the time. We never know today, tomorrow, the next week could be your last breath. That’s why you have to have your faith in Christ and trust Him as your Lord and Savior.

And know smile and rejoice right now

You better be smiling right now because we’re going to heaven, you all. Those who trust in the Lord and repent turn away from wickedness and follow Christ. Right? It’s not about just believing. It’s not about, oh, you know what? I love Jesus. No, it’s about walking the walk, not just talking the talk. Right? The Bible tells us he was not willing to pick up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of me. Right? We have to turn away from wickedness and sin and live sanctified and holy lives striving for For godly life and spreading the good news to all nations, you all.

And even when persecution comes, or even though. When trials and tribulations come, and guess what, we have a blessed hope. He loves you so much. Rely on Him and cling to him. Trust us and trust Christ. Trust Him with everything. He is everything. He’s not just things. He’s not just above all things. He is everything. At the same time, he is above everything, yes, of course. But let me rephrase that again. God shouldn’t be Jesus Christ.

It shouldn’t be first in all things, 2 STORY MODEL HOUSE

He is everything. He’s everything, you all. And you love me so much. All right. Listen, I’m a nobody. Spread the good news, doing my part for the body of Christ, bringing people to the kingdom of heaven. Hopefully, you guys are enjoying these videos. Hopefully, it’s getting you all that’s convicting you all correcting yawn, encouraging you all because we have a blessed hope awaiting us. It’s a gift, you all. But it’s your choice whether you’re going to accept or decline it, you all.

Thank for watching

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