Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage Airbnb

The stone cottage
The stone cottage

Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage, Welcome to the stone cottage if you’re a fan of cozy places that are also very luxurious, and this is the place for you, Airbnb intimacy, that wouldn’t be giving you a tour of this place today. Anyway, let’s get along with this tour. today. We are in Cookeville, Tennessee, and today’s air b&b Is the stone cottage, and I think it is very fitting to the Tennessee environment to where you’re located. It is one of the cozier spots we have featured on this channel because it is full-on brick. I don’t know how many places I featured full brick, especially with this beautiful color and just the shape of everything in the deck that spans around this place. And the view that you get in the back of this cottage is nice, but we’ll get to that later in this video.

After watching this entire video which please do. You can head to the link in the description below to book this place yourself. If you ever want to come to Tennessee, that is one of my more popular requested spots to feature because I guess many people like to visit Tennessee. This one is good. I would highly suggest it. Now we can get along with the tour. Whenever you book your spot, you’ll arrive, and you are only like five minutes outside of Cookeville which is great, close to shopping and everything. But the cabin, your cottage feels very secluded, you pull down the driveway, the driveway matches your house color, which is neat. And you pull up plenty of parking space here.

You can walk up this beautiful decked set of stairs to your stone cottage

The surrounding greenery is beautiful. The color of the stone cottage is immaculate. Just the brick makes you feel some way. Wherever you were here truly looks like a cozy cottage, you have the deck that spans the entire front side. And you can see it even goes around on this left side. But you have these huge windows in front, the beautiful wood door with the windows right here. This door is very luxurious, let me tell you, and it fits really well with the stem cottage, and you have a couple of seating options out here in the front. Now you can continue walking along. You have another set of huge windows around this corner.

There’s a sliding door here that goes off of your living room. But if you continue along, we have an outdoor dining space here, which is perfect because you’re even more secluded in the back or the side. You can have dinner out here or read or anything and continue along, and we reached the back part of your cottage. Now the deck out here overlooks the view you have, which if you look in this pocket right here, you can see for very long ways, and it’s wonderful, but you have the huge trees kind of close by to you. And since the greenery on the ground is pretty low, the trees look even bigger and more majestic since they’re all tall and straight.

Does that make sense? Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage

I hope that makes sense. But it’s just wonderful. There are also more seating options back here, one right here and then one right here. You can have your morning coffee back here, totally private, and enjoy the views. This is where the sunrise is actually to. So perfect spot for being out here. There’s also a grill out here if you want to cook up some food. So there’s lots of opportunity in this outdoor space. These huge windows on the corner are off of one of your bedrooms. There are sliding doors here as well. But we’ll get to that when we get inside. If you take a lookout into your outdoor space. Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage.

You can also see that there is a fire pit out here to enjoy the views. You got seats, your fire pit with wood, you have free wood provided here for you this huge pile you can pick from, and this is a great spot to come and hang out with your friends. Real quick. Canva Canva Pro sponsors this video as the world’s leading design platform because it makes designing anything easy for everybody. And that’s what I like to hear. I seriously use Canva a lot for my design purposes. Whether you’re a team of two or 2000, Canva Pro has all the productivity, collaboration, and creative tools you need to achieve your goals quickly.

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And one of the best parts is there’s no experience needed for any of this. You can hop right in and get going. That is your entire outdoor space. Very beautiful. If you asked me, even from the drone perspective, it’s amazing. Now let’s go inside and see what there is to offer there, and you walk inside. The floor plan is very open. The ceilings are very tall. And you can instantly tell the layout is very interesting because you have this huge ladder right in the middle of your cottage that leads up to your last space, but we’ll get to that in a second. On your left side is your entire kitchen space. It takes up this entire wall which is nice.

There’s a lot of space here, Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage

Cozy Modern Mountain
Cozy Modern Mountain

This is very beautiful to have a wood countertop that’s not chopped nice board, and it just blends in and fits with the cottage field very nicely. And the cabinets are also the same. They all look beautiful. He got these two huge cabinets on the left as well. The floating shelves are a big favorite of mine, with all your dishes up here. And then your sink has this beautiful black sink with the gold faucet, and I love that look so much. And then, of course, your refrigerator over here on the right side. It’s huge. You also have plenty of coffee supplies even provide mints here for you, which is new to any place I’ve been to. Still, it’s a nice touch. Right across from this is your dining table, which is also in the middle of this entire living space.

Right here, you can sit, and it’s easy to get from the kitchen to your dining table with your food. There are four seats here, and it’s pretty spacious as well. But now, the beautiful part of this interior is your living space. Just from a bird’s eye view up here. It is incredible. All the windows here lend so much light, and you can see the surrounding area with you. You got a couple more seating options. And then across from that is a TV in here for a night. If you want to watch movies or some Netflix or some Levi Kelly YouTube videos, you can sit here and watch all of that. Now you might be worried about your privacy.

There are blackout curtains as well, which is a nice touch, Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage

But this is your entire living room space. It is very open and bright. And now the ladder right here is in the middle. It is a huge ladder very wide. It looks like it was custom-made out of beautiful wood. And we can walk up the steps and head out into your loft up. Here is an additional bedding space compared to the main bedroom down below. But there’s a king bed up here actually, which is huge and nice to have. Then you also have a smaller bed here in the corner. So you can fit a lot of people up here if you need to. And there’s a desk over here if you need to get some things done or you like to write.

They will not worry about anything bad happening up here. But it’s a nice big loft area. And you can overlook reliving your face for a period. It’s beautiful. We can head back down now, and into the back part of this cottage, you walk through this hallway. On the right side is your main bedroom. I would say it is the bedroom off the back deck area, and here you have huge windows on both of these walls. They both have sliding doors. So if you want to wake up and go outside and watch the sunset, you totally can. But there’s also curtains here as well. You have your bed in the middle. On the other side, you have another small TV in case you want to be in bed.

The windows are beautiful

But take a step out of this and the last cubby area. You have a washer and dryer here, and then there are two doors. These are both of your bathrooms, which is pretty interesting to have two bathrooms are next to each other, but they’re both a little different. The first one on the right is the bigger bathroom. You have this huge beautiful vanity over here on the right side. The live wood edge again with a top-right here. And then beautiful black cabinets underneath, and you have your toilet, and then you have your beautiful bathtub and shower space. This bathtub is an incredible Jacuzzi bathtub. Cozy Modern Mountain Cottage.

And it is tiled with a subway tile all around it, so it makes it feel more luxurious than just having a bathtub in here. I love the look of this the black grout, the white subway tile, and then, of course, is also a shower with gold accents. It is a luxurious feeling here, and this does not steer away from the cottage field at all. And the last thing is the tile on the ground is pretty unique. I think it fits in with this bathroom very nicely. Oh, there’s also one more thing I almost forgot here that I have never seen in a bathroom. You have your mini TV in this bathroom space. So if you want to take a bath and lay here, you can watch a movie or your favorite show here.

I don’t think we’ll take a step out of that now and into your next bathroom

This one is laid out differently. You have a smaller manatee on this right side, but it’s very similar to the last one, your toilet. Then on the left side, you have your full shower, no bathtub in here but the same tiling the same gold accents in here but it’s just a full shower so if you like this better, you can shower in here, so that is your stone cottage very luxurious but cozy at the same time. I think this is a perfect showing for the fall months and is now October, and it’s pretty exciting to be at a cottage before it gets way way way too cold.

Anyway, if you like this video, leave a like and share it that helps out the channel a lot, and check out the links below. This all helps as well. Thank you guys for watching these videos and the support. I love what we do, and I’m very grateful I can show you guys some cool Airbnb ZZ that maybe inspire you to come out and check some of them as well. Also, check out our second channel if you’re ever curious about what we do at these Airbnb ZZ. We give you the scene look. Anyway, I’ll see you guys next week’s Airbnb tour video.

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