ELEGANT LUXURY HOUS, Shalom family. God bless you all. Thank you for tuning in for today’s preparatory guys. And today, we’re at Coventry Homes, at the candela community, and we’re going to be checking out the Briggs model home floorplan. This is a four-bedroom four and a half bathroom three car garage, 3560 square feet starting from the low six hundred, so let’s NIMBY right here, plan 6491. Alright, and we’re Coventry Homes guys, so hopefully, you guys enjoy this property tour guy. There’s some music playing in the background instead of the model home. so I apologize for that; hopefully, it’s not too loud, guys, but let’s step on in.

We have some guests inside, so I’m going to try to navigate though we don’t get them on camera, so as soon as we enter, we have this beautiful spiraling staircase leading to the second deck living room. Okay, and then as soon as we enter, we also have the could be like a guest room here on the right-hand side. Right next door. Okay, for the willow and Willa, the premiums, you know, the Konya, those when they come into town the in-laws, you never know guys.

There you have it that way they have their room, and they’re downstairs

No, no. Because I don’t know about you all guys, but my dad’s house, my grandma, she’s upstairs, and you know, she’s getting hard for her to come up and down the stairs. So you know, that’s why I think most of these guests from they’re starting to become downstairs because you know, I can get pretty challenging getting up there. So, but my grandma’s strong because, you know, she’s a warrior through Christ. So oh, I’m going to be here. Okay.

And then we have this beautiful open floor plan high vaulted ceilings, black countertops, beautiful light fixtures, and look at this, huh? Sheesh. Come on now. What’s going on here? I got the floor-to-ceiling windows and this beautiful fireplace in the middle. And this is just beautiful. I feel so open with all the windows. And you got these nice light fixtures here. Black countertops, hopefully, I don’t get hit with copper with the music. So alright. We got the gas range stove here with this unique backsplash there.


Now imagine me right now it looks, bachelor. Come on. Just pictures are nuts. I’m making you all hungry right now tonight. And then you got your up well. I’m making the homemade flour tortillas with the corn to stop some chili-like jalapenos in the sauce. Sliced ups. Come on. Now I’m talking to somebody. Alright, let’s go back inside. Okay, then we gotta head over now to the master and there’s actually an office here in the front corner but um they’re using that right now so Okay.

We got a half bathroom here okay, bathroom right there you know for the little preambles whenever they want to use your restroom like a quani to go downstairs go to the guest restroom so you got this beautiful master suite who look at this look at all these windows man wow this is super gorgeous and then you got the double vanity here a lot of white cabinets that are huge stand up shower garden tub combo.

I think we have another guest inside of the house

So I think she wants to talk to me after the video so I’m probably gonna see if I can navigate through her she’s I think she’s upstairs so this regard guys I’m going to try to move around the camera so just a little heads up but double vanity they’re kind of like a darker gray charcoal gray countertops there and then let me show you guys this wow okay I think all the kids room drove upstairs so the master and the other room are downstairs one more time guys that’s gonna be the office upstairs okay got the second deck living room hang out with the familia you know and I like how you can overlook this right here this is pretty cool wow and then you got like a little media section here that’s nice Wow.

This is gorgeous Okay, let me show you guys the additional bedroom and then you got your bathroom here all right I’m sorry this is Jimmy’s room I don’t get heard that in the background but she saw me and I was like oh hey I’m upstairs so she went downstairs because I told her I was like I’m gonna be very careful because I don’t want to get you on camera so I think she ran downstairs but okay I’m sure you guys the other I think there’s the last room a little miss Tabitha her room nice and pink Hey Oh, this is pretty cool. Tabitha, what you got going here? She’s got her little secret room or a little prayer closet.

Oh, come on. This could be like a little, ELEGANT LUXURY HOUS

I don’t know where that leads to, but be good, like a little worship room there that’d be awesome alright in this is some additional clauses space there are I’m sorry to say for the tells and whatnot. Okay, guys, well, there you have it, guys. Let’s head on over to the backyard. And we should be okay, guys. Sheesh, let’s get right into it, guys. Well, anyway, guys, thank you all for watching today’s prompt your guys. As always, be sure to hit that thumbs up, subscribe, comment down below and follow us on digitoxin Instagrams.

If you guys want to reach us, please fill out the type form. Please fill-up the form. That’s the best way to get in touch with us guys. We do get a lot of DMS and comments and everything, and you know, tries to get to everybody but the wife and me, you know, praise the Lord Jesus Christ just because you know we get to these locations safely. ELEGANT LUXURY HOUS.

All glory Christ but you know, keep us in your prayers

The road can get a little crazy out here in Texas, so pray for us for Monroe and Pearl, and you know guys want to reach out to us. You know you guys want to talk outside of real estate maybe want to fellowship. So we got some amazing people, just some amazing brothers and sisters just messaging us on there. But anyway, guys, let’s get right into the message of today’s video. Who comes on?

Thank for watching

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