Infill In Killarney

Infill In Killarney, Welcome to 26 12/29 Street Southwest in the community of Killarney. Now listen, I know I said, I’ve never seen anything like this before. And I know that sounds like another realtor talking big. But let me tell you, this one is so different than so many other infills that have been in. It’s unique. It’s on an oversized lot. And the home itself is over 2600 square feet, plus a finished basement giving you almost 4000 square feet of living space. You know, ever since this whole COVID thing began, our homes have so much more meaning to us now. We spend our days there. We spend our weekends and our nights at home.

So let’s start with some of the details in this kitchen space because they are phenomenal. This is a custom-built kitchen with two-tone cabinetry, gloss, and porcelain tile behind. And, of course, these white countertops go together perfectly. There’s also plenty of storage in this space, with the pantry cabinets, the walk-in pantry back there, and even additional storage underneath this island. But there’s something that we have to address before we go any further. And that’s the massive investment that the builders put in by choosing Jenn Air for their appliance package. I mean, this stuff is high-end. And it also shows the commitment to quality that these builders have poured into this home.

You see, most infills are pretty tight

And because of that, they always have a similar layout. This one’s quite different. Because of that extra span of width that you get on an oversized lot, you can achieve a kitchen that’s oriented this way. It also gives you a little bit of privacy from the front of the home, meaning it doesn’t feel like every other infill in that way. This is a wide-open space here that’s private for you and your family to enjoy from the front street. The designers made beautiful choices with the materials and the finishes of the color palette. It’s dressed up. But still, informal means that you and your decor will fit perfectly into a property like this; check out this tile on the fireplace, for example. Subtle, it still has some interest and some detail in it.

And of course, you’ve still got all that cabinetry in display space around it. So you can dress this home up as much as you want. But keep it more informal and family if that’s your style. You’re also going to notice that there is a lot of extra room in here. You have a dining room table. This size, we can fit six people around it. Do you like to have big parties, big dinner parties? Have you got room easily for 10 or 12 people in a space like this? And yes, because it’s all nice and open. Do you feel connected? Before we head upstairs. I know what you’re thinking, Brad, Brad, Brad, beautiful home. But why are you so excited about it. And I’m not talking about just the master bedroom and the ensuite.

The basement also has a huge surprise, Infill In Killarney

So please stick around. You’re going to love it here. A home office is so important these days for this chair is low. It’s separate from the rest of this home, which is perfect for the world that we’re living in today. Right? Everyone needs this work-from-home space. They’ve got their zoom calls that need to be private from the rest of the family. It’s a challenge for me because I work at home with my kids. And a space like this is beautiful because it’s got that custom millwork detail in the back. Before we head upstairs, we’re going to take you downstairs because there’s a big surprise that you will not see in any other infill.

I know I sure haven’t. And I can’t believe the builders included it. Let’s go check it out. So entering into the basement here, you’re going to find a fully finished space. There’s a large bedroom upfront, as well as a beautiful four-piece bathroom. And then you’ve got this incredible place to hang out with friends. Put the game on, have a beer, enjoy your day. In a wet bar like this Now, if you’re into games or pool, or any of that kind of recreational stuff, there’s plenty of space down here for that, as well as a great home theater. It’s this a walkout basement as well as you’re going to love it for entertaining and enjoying those summer days outside. Because you have twice the living space in your backyard, right, that’s one of the challenges with most of these inner-city infills smaller yards.

Still, you have the deck above, Infill In Killarney

Which is excellent to enjoy the sun to barbecue, and all of. Now someone was thinking when they planned out this space because it’s right off. The double car fully finished and heated grad mess stays away from the rest of the house. Perfect. And in this lower area. I love this secondary washer and dryer space. Maybe you have a multi-generational family situation. Because of that Walker, can have their self-contained suite with a private entrance and not feel like a basement. Okay, now we’re going to check out upstairs. And guys, I am not lying is ensuite. I’m excited to show you. So on the second floor, you feel the extra space in this home, from the wide staircase to this enormous hallway. And the bedrooms, two and three, they’re spacious, it’s considerable with huge windows.

This is the kind of home that your family can grow up in. So you have, Yes, another laundry room up there. And if you’re keeping count, that’s two in this home, a five-piece bathroom. And then we enter into here. The master retreat and a retreat are precisely what this space is. Take a look around you. The soaring vaulted ceilings, the gas fireplace, this whole room screens relax, unwind. It’s the end of the day. Infill In Killarney.

Imagine ending your day in a space like this

Got this gorgeous dual vanity here all this room around you, even some natural light as well as a pedestal tub. You got the gas fireplace there. And my favorite is this steam shower, oversized with a bench and jets. This is a place to end your day, wash away your stresses, and just decompress. You know, I’m just going to hang out here and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Why don’t you go check out the custom walk-in closet? Didn’t they tell you? No, it’s not just another info. This place is a custom-built luxury home with incredible finishes inside.

Would you like to see it in person? I’d love to show it to you. I’m Brad McCallum with the McCallum Grou. The course would be happy to take you through it. Oh, and do you enjoy watching these kinds of videos? Well, if so, I’d like you to check out this list of currently listed homes on the market right now, where you can check out some more of our million-dollar tours down there. Infill In Killarney.

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