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Inside Saudi Royal Family, How do you measure a person’s wealth? Is it how much investment in the property they own? Or is it how much they spend? Well, the house of sound doesn’t care what standard you use. It has properties worth figures that resemble a Nigerian phone number. Boy, do they also spend lavishly on the ridiculous things you could ever imagine houses painting, soccer establishments. In this video, I will reveal just how wealthy the wealthiest family in the world is. Starting with one of their cheapest acquisitions, Chateau Louie mentioned $301 million. This Chateau combines 17th-century craftsmanship and materials with state-of-the-art tech fittings and controls. It also has luxurious amenities like the home theater, large swimming pools, a high-tech wine cellar, and even a nightclub.

The design of this house in places like the walls and staircases is also littered with gold. This level of glass is due to its decorating the Chateau was developed by Mr. Khashoggi and his company coco mat an aqua tour estate. The Crown Prince and who many consider to currently be the de facto ruler of the great kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2015.

Over the three years that it took to develop this haute couture

Home cocamide was set to hire about 120 workers every day. That’s a total of more than 131,400 workers from 2008 to 2011. It is always considered by the French not to have a price tag because the budget is irrelevant. The effort of the many experts is priceless the use of precious materials. And several other marbles, painting and decor cabinet making Roofing And more from countries like Italy, Portugal, Turkey. Of course, France also blew the price tag off this property. The Chateau Louis may be worth more than what it’s being valued at.

It’s one of those estates that will move on to become a monument due to its specificity and luxury. Its historical dome paintings, white and gold styled furniture. Lush parks and gardens inspired by the Chateau de Versailles. The Chateau de volta V comped all set it apart from any home anywhere in the world. New Castle football club $408 million before the pandemic hit football clubs forms value the different sources of income for Newcastle football club for 2019. Their operating income was $79 million. Their income from broadcasting was just over a quarter of a billion dollars. Commercial sales brought in $48 million

Matchday revenue from ticket sales in their 52,000 capacity stadium was $49 million

That sounds like a lot till you compare the same metrics with the wealthiest football clubs like Manchester City, Real Madrid in 2019. The highest matchday revenue was $800 million. The most significant commercial revenue was $1.5 billion. And the highest earners from broadcasting God $1.2 billion numbers that dwarf new castles. But on the seventh of October, the latest court became the club with the wealthiest owners. And that’s no mean feat, seeing as some of the world’s wealthiest billionaires have been battling it off-field with their acquisitions of football clubs. They are sitting as the chair of the 10th most valuable sovereign wealth fund globally.

The public investment fund Mohammed bin Salman bought 80% of Newcastle football club at $408 billion. Other rich football clubs include the owner of Paris St. Germain, Tamim bin Hamad Al Tawny worth $2 billion, the owner of Arsenal Football Club Stan Crunky, worth 10 billion dollars, the owner of Juventus Andre Angeli worth $13.5 billion. The owner of Manchester City Football Club shakes mon sore bin Zayed Al Nahyan worth $20 billion and many, many more.

I mean, look at that, Inside Saudi Royal Family

You only have these Newcastle fans, but the next most expensive property belonging to the Saudi family will leave both this Jordi and you putting your palm over your gaping mouths Salvador moody painting $450 million. That’s right, the Saudi royal family can spend nearly half a billion on an acquisition that directly affects the lives of an entire city across the seas, but they’ll spend even more on a 45.4 by 65.6 centimeter Leonardo da Vinci painting Pollock it may seem like extravagant spending and seeing as the painting belongs to MBs.

The Salvador moody is the most expensive art painting ever sold and was purchased at an auction by Prince Badr bin Abdulla in New York from Christie’s, a British auction house. It was initially reported that the painting was purchased for the Abu Dhabi Department of Tourism and culture and would be displayed in the loo of Abu Dhabi. However, further investigation has concluded that the $450 million purchase was a standing bid by Prince Baader for MBS.

The deck just forward of the Sun Deck is the ultimate relaxation spot

It has a spa pool with a restaurant and bars just behind two hot tubs and a large furniture setting for dining in the covering of the Sun Deck. The serene sky lounge is also very chill, with views of every direction of the ocean and exquisite furniture and dining areas. Serene is modeled to have a stately design and feel with white and gold colors, large dining tables, Florida ceiling glass walls, one master suite on an owner’s deck, a VIP cabin, three twin cabins, seven double staterooms, a staff of 40 persons as well as an underwater viewing lounge.

And if that’s true, it means we have about a billion dollars floating in the open sea. But the serene vessel doesn’t scratch the surface regarding what the Saudi royal family has on the waters. Meet me $500 billion shocked dumpings. I know it’s a big leap from half a billion to half a trillion. But this isn’t the richest monarchy in the world for nothing. And what is neon anyway?

It’s projected to create 380,000 jobs, Inside Saudi Royal Family

The plan for Neo is to make a city that’s a cross between Silicon Valley and Hollywood innovation and entertainment, much like Dubai’s 2020 Expo but bigger and eternal. It’s a pretty impressive and expensive property that the royal family is building through its sovereign wealth fund. But we have one more title to blow you away. Aramco $2 trillion. Arab royalty always has access to oil money, lots of it. The government of Saudi Arabia owns about 99% of shares in this $2 trillion gobsmacking company. In the past, people have valued the house of sound to be worth $1.4 trillion, almost 20 times as wealthy as the British Royal Family.

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