Inside Sierra Blanca

Inside Sierra Blanca
Inside Sierra Blanca

Inside Sierra Blanca, Good morning, everybody. We’re all nice and said to get going for an area to number two, and today is going to be all about Sierra Blanca, which lies beneath the Laconia mountain and is one of the top locations in my bed to live. So no need for me to say that you’ll be an expert on Sierra Blanca water, the latest sales after this video. And there was just no better way to start them from the beaches on the Golden Mile. As you know, it’s all about location, which translates into a particular lifestyle and exactly four kilometers, after which driving into Sierra Blanca. Immediately as we drive-in. I can see the security post on my left even though there’s no restriction on movement yet.

The price is around 1000 years, and the best way means overland or even higher. Minimum blood is approximately 1200 square meters and up to 1.8 actors, even though I would say that the medium size blonde is around 2000 square meters in Sierra Blanca. And don’t forget this is almost a concept of city living, at least to my best standards. We are 300 meters above sea level. And as you’ve seen from the intro, it’s so close to everything. You’ve got wide sidewalks, beautiful greenery, broad avenues, and imposing property for sale. Wherever you look. Even though medium price instead of Blanca for Villa would say is about the five to 6 million mark. Same as in Zabaleta.

The sales in the luxury sector of Sierra Blanca are going very well

Drum area has always specialized in Sierra Blanca we’ve sold here more than 30 villas to our clients. Apart from plots and investment land. The sales that happened last February March were almost all done by tremenda. Last month with it the record sale of the most impressive classical mansion in Sierra Blanca, we hit all the local news, then Spanish news, and then this was transmitted in the news all over the world. It was sold. I cannot reveal the price. Unfortunately, there’s some information on our blog if you want to check it out. But it was a record sale.

Forbes once valued the property for around 40 million years, even though that does not represent the accurate final selling price. So if you ever thought about putting your house for sale and doubted, maybe this is the right moment. And yes, this is a game built for the car access to the house’s property that we just sold. So what do we have today for sale in Sierra Blanca? That’s good value for money.  We’re in conversation now with the owner to furnish the property. Inside Sierra Blanca.

But meanwhile, check out the excellent qualities, architectural details

And we want to view the villa has been built to the highest standards with the latest technology. You’ve got eight bedroom suites. The master suite has his and hers bathroom significant volumes inside of the house. Unique details are more than architecture on the assayed a unique and very different property. We’re currently listing two more properties at the same price bracket, so stay tuned for more videos. Also, we’re making an enormous effort to provide you with the best content and insights into the beautiful world of my bear real estate market, which we have had the pleasure to be bothered by for more than 20 years. But give me some support present like button and subscribe to the channel.

And here is one more example of one of the most anticipated villas that will soon hit the market at an estimated value of 13 to 14 million years, with excellent CVS from the ground floor. From every part and corner of the beautiful estate. You have to pay a little more beautiful dog glass more than architecture combined with absolute privacy 2500 square meters plot 1150 internal square meters built seven bedroom suites and best quality materials throughout. Inside Sierra Blanca

It’s still going to take a couple of years to do, Inside Sierra Blanca

We have this Andalusia Villa set on a 1077 square meter plot and price the 2.9 million euros wholly private and with lovely useIf. Somebody opts for complete reform and spends up to 1 million years. You will get an unbelievable result. It’s impressive what real professionals can do with such a house. You would not recognize it. Next to the sale of Blanca currently. We rent parts of it to start like parking and to this one school.

Still, Hopefully sooner or later, we’re going to be involved with the development of this land a one in a kind luxurious urbanization of villas with this fantastic, stunning sea views on this plot. The cheapest that you will ever find in this area. Okay, you can do up to three villas, three mansions because the minimum size of the floors is 3000 square meters. And there is more than done as community currency.

There are also many apartment communities in these areas, my favorite being the center of the Sierra Blanca. Top-level quality open-plan spaces throughout the height of the ceiling are fantastic. This is a ground floor unit with three bedrooms ensuite and the fourth bedroom in the basement. The Penthouses have the same layout on the main floor. But instead of the basement, they have a rooftop terrace. Prices vary between two and 3 million years. This property goes for sale at 2,300,000 years. We sold here about six apartments to our clients and then resold to more. So I tell you, it’s a good buy. And if you like this kind of open plan concept and this type of property, you must know the developers building brand new urbanization that will be delivered end of this year.

And the apartments are more prominent, have even higher qualities

The sales are flying off the roof. So don’t miss your opportunity.  So precisely one kilometer to Swan’s International School, one of my band’s best ones. And you’ve got another Swan School for the little ones, which is 2.4 kilometers away from the grownups. MoBay International University, 1.5 kilometers away famous breaching gear to get back into shape, was just 750 meters away. The Famous Five Star went the Romano Marbella cloud hotels, as shown in the intro, is just four kilometers away with a dozen of the best restaurants of Marbella.

Suppose you haven’t checked out the linear restaurant Lammi and sedici excellent central. More base two and a half kilometers away worth abundance and the vast shopping center seven kilometers away, a lot of golf club five kilometers away. So I’m going to start drawing lines on the map. And basically what you need to know is that anything you need is less than 10 kilometers away, which is very convenient for you and makes your life much easier and enjoyable. That’s it, guys. This has been a secondary at all, and now you know much more about Sierra Blanca. If you haven’t seen the first area talk about Zabaleta, Check it out on the link below. It’s been an absolute pleasure to do this, and I hope that you all enjoyed it. As always, don’t forget to like, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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