Inside The $668,000,000 NYC Apartments

Apartments, New York is known for many things, the bright lights, the great food, and subway rats the size of small dogs. Yes, the Big Apple has everything for everybody. Whether it’s spending a night out seeing a Broadway show, eating out at a Michelin starred restaurant, or doing something, we could all afford to walk through Central Park. We are speaking of which, just south of Central Park, a block of ultra-luxury apartments and penthouses known very aptly as billionaires row. Not only is the average sale price for homes there $38.5 million. It’s also home to multiple billionaires and millionaires.

So we’re going to take a gander at this strip of ultra-luxury skyscrapers and tear some of the most expensive homes of billionaires row has to offer 150 Central Park penthouse $22 million looking to rub elbows with a wealthy and elite of billionaires row. Still, you’re nothing but a common multimillionaire.

I’m surprised this home isn’t higher on this list, Apartments

We’re going to be looking at another penthouse on billionaires row. The millionaires in the audience will love another one of the less expensive homes on the row. Welcome to 111 West 57th Street, aka Steinway tower. We’ll be looking at residents on the 43rd floor of this tower, the sweet spot right in the middle of this ad for foundation 1428 feet behemoth of a building for the low, low price of $28 million. Well, maybe a little parallel by the penthouse 40 stories above you, and that’s just semantics. Features of this incredible home include a great room that acts as a centerpiece for the whole apartment, is very well furnished and is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, as it should be perfect for those epic Insta selfies.

Other stuff you can look forward to include a dining area bathed in the glow of a vintage Italian chandelier, a wet bar furnished with Portuguese marble, and an elevator that comes directly to your home. The elevator isn’t halfway broken. So that one probably isn’t from New York either. Next, we’re going to head over to a pretty well-known skyscraper on the billionaire’s row located at 257 West 57th Street. We’ll be looking at 157. I know. Just go with it. 157 is a massive tower of sleek glass and modern architectural prowess. It’s 1005 feet tall and was one of the OG towers that made up the millionaire’s row.

And on top of that, it’s one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in New York City, which is quite the achievement with New York being the home of skyscrapers and all that, but we aren’t here to talk about how amazing 157 is. I mean, we’re going to do that. But we’re also going to talk about how amazing the 87 floor of 157 is, as well. Everyone’s heard about the penthouse purchased by Dell company founder Michael Dell how he bought the top of this tower for the absolute steal of $100 million. Apartments.

But no one ever talks about the apartment on the 87th floor just below Dell’s penthouse

Thanks to the abundance of Florida ceiling windows, Long story short, this apartment is pretty sick. Who even needs a penthouse apartment for twice the price me, please 85th floor 157 $70 million. Next, up in a twist of irony, we returned to West 57th Street back to 157 to talk about the significantly more expensive 85th floor of the tower, much like the 87th floor. This apartment also comes with 6240 square feet of living space. But the irony doesn’t stop there. This apartment only has three bedrooms and four baths.

Did I tell you this place was put up for $70 million? So why the strange price discrepancy? Indeed you’re not paying the extra 20 miles to save you a few precious seconds on the elevator.  I mean, if you can’t stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in your living room contemplating your millions, why even buy a house here?

I’m afraid I must admit my real estate skills only go so far. I am at a loss. Why do you think the 85th floor is more expensive than the 87th? Let me read your opinions in the comments. Who knows, I might go house shopping on billionaires row on the second floor for 32 Park Avenue $79 million. But we aren’t talking about this frankly nuts bit of architecture just yet.

For now, we’re talking about the $79 million apartments that sit near the top of it

This apartment comes with over 8000 square feet of living space, meaning it might not be the most massive home on billionaires row for that price. Still, it makes up for it with the fantastic amount of care that went into molding this living space den really might have a future selling real estate. This apartment might not be the biggest, but they found a way to fit in the essentials if there’s anything to love about this place.

The tiny bits of interior design scream personality stuff like personalized wall treatments and a range of elegant stones surrounding the kitchen. You can find apartments of varying qualities and prices all over billionaires row. This building stands out among the crowd. After all, it’s attracted plenty of wealthy patrons, from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to Saudi billionaires. So trust me when I say this apartment is probably worth the 79,000,004 32 Park Avenue penthouse $169 million. Apartments.

Yes, like I heavily foreshadowed, we aren’t done with 432 Park Avenue

Oh no, there’s a whole lot more luxury where that came from. To get in there. Residents get the privilege to dine in a private restaurant overseen by Michelin-starred Chef Shawn Hurghada. They also get access to a wellness center and a 75-foot pool, to name a few. Trust me. I could go on for a while. Oh, and you also get a concierge ready to assist with everything. That way, you don’t have to lift a finger as you head to your 8300 square foot penthouse on the 96th of this 1286 foot tower.

There are 24 windows on the property, each measuring 10 feet by 10 feet, granting you amazing views of New York. The home comes with tiny touches of luxury and suddenly reminds you that you live in a billionaires row. There’s a custom-built piano just sitting in the living room, and it’s for keeps two. There’s also a library and a 93 foot long living-in dining room area. This is just barely scratching the top of the level of luxury you can expect from this home, but maybe just maybe, it’s not quite as luxurious as the last home on this list.

So what’s the story behind such an insane purchase? Apartments

Well, it turns out billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin wanted to flex on the entirety of New York. So he went to one of the most luxurious skyscrapers in New York and purchased not one, not two. But four separate floors and decided to turn them. All into one penthouse apartment creating not just one of the most expensive penthouse purchases in New York history. But a massive home with about 24,000 square feet of living space. This home comes with 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms.

Which might be a few too many bathrooms for a penthouse, maybe busier. I thought billionaires use the roof. Anyway, this place’s sheer size and cost meant Ken Griffin spent about $10,000 per square foot on this home. Suppose you’re looking for something different. Click on the video on the screen. We can head on over to the west coast and check out the most expensive homes in California. I’ll see you there.

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