Lake Las Vegas Modern Mansion!

Lake Las Vegas Modern Mansion
Lake Las Vegas Modern Mansion

Modern Mansion, Welcome to waters in a spectacular waterfront estate designed by Vern swallow back the last living apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. This home features four bedrooms and six bathrooms. SynergySynergy currently lists it, so the bees for $7.5 million are situated near two championship golf courses, tennis courts, spas, and fitness centers. Alright, let’s enter into this big glass swinging door. Come on in a beautiful entryway. We’ve got these stone walls on the sides right when you come inside. You can see the pool of Lake Las Vegas like that. They’re lovely wood floors. So it’s over here with our master suites and the living room. Let’s save that for later. Modern Mansion

So this is the great room, very nice sexual CO for a thing you notice the pocket door slide beautiful views again of the pool and Lake Las Vegas. I love this chandelier. Here is a pretty modern take on that lovely fireplace and swing around here. You can see the railing above shows you the size, and that’s where we check-in. Next, we will check out the beautiful kitchen area of the stunning waterfall island with a CD on both sides—lots of spaces. Beautiful kitchen. I love the color of these drawers here. Your garbages Oh yeah, lovely sink. The sink curator is Right up until all that food—double dishwasher. You never had too many dishwashers.

You can even get a workout if you want to do alright

Let’s go over here and get a little practice, champ. I’m sorry, Patrick cheese here. See, and then you cut the cheese. I didn’t have cheese; I squared the cheese. Alright, and chill in the pantry—miniature extra goods. Little pocket sliding door, you close that shit. Perfect. Thermidor it’s a real flat top flip that ranges. I love that you have the big pocket doors in the dining doors and one media room and wet bar here. Everybody needs a nice I’ll have to trust you on that.

Yes. Check out this friendly header team right here. Five TVs while watching sports may be placing bids like a movie. I guess you can never have to repeat these, right? Oh no. I haven’t separate limbs. You can just put them all on one actual very big pocket door, and I assume you the thorough sly way, so if you want to watch a movie, we just closed this all up. Get it nice and dark in here. Like it looks, it makes its way to the master suites. Modern Mansion

There is actual entrance here, Modern Mansion

This is the butler's pantries
This is the butler’s pantries

What’s that? This is the butler’s pantries. You got the washer, dryer sink this way, kind of kitchen prep area—fridge, another sink here. A few you can put a sealer here more storage. Put all your mac and cheese. I’m sorry about this year. So when you’re going to fold your clothing. Oh, very convenient. This door behind me over here. So here we’ve got the garage, three-car garage ways into this garage, what where we came when we could come up to this door here, which is right here. I like that. And then, right off of your garage, a tiny relaxed bathroom, I love this stone here. And then we’ll come around the toilet over here.

We’ve got a mirror. Make sure you look good. Alright, let’s go and check out the office and master bedroom. Once again, we’re walking by this new entrance. We will go first to the office. This is where you get some work done for the business, so we came into the front door. So if you got you know you got a business meeting or waiting for somebody to go and you can see them, this opens on up, and you can just let them in the right through here. All right, so check out my favorite place, the master bedroom.

Right here, and Modern Mansion is a nice seating area

Once again, with a stone wall. You have this beautiful fireplace here. Sees do to the other side. And above. You got some lovely windows, your master bed. We’re here. Generous in size sitting here in the front. And the nice scenario side here. I like that most of the wall is glass. So all you’re seeing is the waterfront. Alright, so this is probably one of the best bathrooms I think we’ve ever seen. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Not quite yet. First of all, show them the closet. So coming straight politics isn’t completed yet, but you can get an idea of its size. Considerable thought of a stackable washer dryer there was massive it is massive. And then even more sorted around this corner a little bit.

That’s his section with me his This is orders. Once again, windows above basically another bedroom. Alright, so my favorite room, the master bathroom, yet their toilets, double sinks. High ceilings, beautiful soaker tub. It’s like a matte white finish. Now, then we’ve got no door here, which is another closet. Because what I’m told is this closet can connect to the one below for an elevator. You can see all is up here. Yeah. So that you can put them in there. If you want to, come over here, check out this beautiful view. There’s that funky chandelier we’re talking about? Yes, you see down below the living room. Again windows up above let you see all the views more living space but let’s check out the bedroom first.

The first one was number one—plenty of room

You've got a nice walking closet here
You’ve got a nice walking closet here

You’ve got a nice walking closet here. And then back around here. By Jack and Jill bathroom. She got a tub here. The nice window above double sinks. And then over here, you got your toilets. Your toilet hasn’t been doing it, please. Super clean in here. And bedroom number two. Around here. You got views of the golf course. You were walking closet here. Modern Mansion

Bed. Big rooms. It’s a nice space. It is a lovely third bedroom up here. I like this ceiling in here. Yeah, There’s a bit newer space of view. So you can see the excellent golf course out there. And the walk-in closets and then its ensuite bathroom. Mirrors may sink again, lots of room, and a shower for sure. So three bedrooms up here, three-bedroom so far. Senior SATs, looking back to where we came from, another seating area with the patio. Big patio. So it seems like there’s another spot we’ve got a TV here as well, as the shares, and then we have like another clause, and there’s a lot of closets here. Lots of this is a big closet.

And then another cozy tiny bathroom with a shower, Modern Mansion

Shower. Beautiful
Shower. Beautiful

Shower. Yeah. Beautiful. Alright, let’s go and take a tour of outside the moment I’ve been waiting for you because it looks fantastic. Downstairs once you get this beautiful green room, in the front entryway, again, le Dre up the beautiful back foot like store there. Another big left pivoting door. You get this floating walkway here like that. Water, the water, the water, and the sides in between. And then this fantastic view. Pot of large pool to palm trees. It feels like you’re at a resort.

I’m confused. Are we in Vegas, or do I think this is like Newport Beach? Maybe Mexico. Wow. Beautiful. So this was he can see there a little bit. We’ve got the that’s the master suite. So there was a living room over there. This is the bedroom, and we come around here. That was a little patio area for the master bedroom. And then back over here, you see the scale of the house. This is amazing. And then we’ve even got your own little personal beach overlooking the water. You can see the golf course there. You got the Western hotel over there. It was beautiful. Wow. Take that. Take that in. I’m ready to move the heat beaming down right now. Yeah, I want to lay out the town around get a shot of this house. Look at that.

Beautiful private, nobody’s about

And I noticed like little path walkway, that walkway that goes along the whole front of the property. Well, I guess this would be the back. Yeah, but you know what I mean? I wouldn’t. Alright, well, so this middle space behind the arrow is doing this is its natural grass. It is an accurate graph. Here he likes the golf course on the left. On the right here, you got this.

This leads off to walk to the edge and admire walk to the edge. Maybe get on a skateboard and fly into the water. Over here, you got this lovely little zen area, patience, and yoga. You can see join us. I would love to take a seat, but this might be a little bit of a virtual breaker. So I’ll pass the dining room there. If you come around this way, this is where the entry to the garage is. So take a look. Let’s not. This looks like it’s the end of our tour. All right, this concludes the tour.

Alright, there we go. Let’s close

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