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Living in Windermere Florida, Hey everyone, this is Mike mela burger, an associate at Preferred real estate brokers COMM Today in Windermere, Florida, to show you this custom-built home here. This home is actually for sale. So if you’re interested in this home is actually for sale for 1.79 9 million. It has a lot of awesome upgrades. very luxurious home, the backyard is amazing, nice pool. All the sliding glass doors open up for an excellent indoor-outdoor living area even has a pool house with its bath and shower. The first thing we’re going to notice is the driveway. We have an amazing drive here horseshoe shape. So for easy entrance and exit to the home and plenty of space for parking as we can see on these pavers. As we come into the home, I want to look at the home’s elevation.

As you can see here, it’s got some nice blinds and even has a full second-story window there with the blinds actually in the attic space. The roof is a slate tile roof and even has a chimney there, so it has a working fireplace inside that we will see when we take a tour of the family room inside the home and even in the back of the home. The actual pool house also has a slate roof and looks with some sliders over the pool area. Alright, so let’s go ahead and go up. We have three stairs that go up to this front entrance. This door is an amazing glass door is a metal, so hefty. So it’s a very sturdy, very sturdy door. And then over here, we have a nice little front patio area.

And even the ceilings here have those wood inlays, Living in Windermere Florida

So they’ve got a lot of attention to detail in this home. So let’s go ahead and go inside the home were welcomed by the family room. And then if we go this direction, what we’re going to do is we’re going to see bathroom here, so we have a half bath here. And then on the other side, we have an office space that they’re currently using as their office. Here we have the wood beams going across. There’s a beautiful home, something that you don’t get with production builders, all these little extra upgrades as you can see. So again, in the family room, we have the sliding glass doors going out to the pool. Also, some nice ceiling features are the dining room, as you can see here.

And then we go over to the kitchen area. This is the heart of the home. We have a nice countertop, some nice lighting, also a nice ceiling. We have a convection oven, a nice sink area with the farmhouse sink, and an overlooks the dining room and family room area. And then also close to the sliding glass pool. We have the double ovens, and also we have the gas stovetop, and then one thing we do is have a pantry over there in the corner. So let’s go ahead and look at the pantry. So you think they’re just regular little doors here, but you open it up, and it opens up to a very spacious pantry. They’re currently using it for their office, but you can put a ton of food in this pantry, as you can see.

So let’s go ahead and take a tour over here, Living in Windermere Florida

So one of the things to mention here on these cabinets is also the backsplash. As you can see over here and also over here and it was going through here, we have the hallway, and we have some nice wood floors as you can see here is the drop zone, which is a nice built-in where you when you come in you can put your jackets there and also the shoes there on the bottom. And then, we go into the laundry room, which also has a farmhouse sink, a farmhouse sink, and a laundry room. That’s pretty cool. Lots of cabinetry, as you can see here, playing space to your laundry, your washer, and dryer, and you have the window looking out to the front driveway and your three-car garage.

So this is a three-car oversized garage, you can see it has the epoxy floors, already for your nice cars and has the attic access and access to the side yard there. So here is bedroom number two. It has a closet here with some nice built-in cabinetry. And then it has the chase for a TV there. And then here is the full bathroom. We have a nice glass shower enclosure. And then also your sink area here has a nest thermostat here in this room. So as we go this direction here, we will go back and pass through the kitchen and show you the rest of the home board. Here is the family room. And one thing about the family rooms checks out these ceilings.

We’ve got the beans got the wooden lay just a nice design

And then also we have the working fireplace also got some nice wood design there. And also the chandelier over the whole family room area. So let’s go over here. This is the primary bedroom wing of the home. So we go the instructions here you’ll see the primary bedroom, that’s a king-sized bed there so plenty of space in the sitting area, the ceilings A tray ceiling with wood and lays also. And then we go over here we see that we have a door, that door goes out to the amazing outdoor living area that we’ll see in shortly.So over this direction, this is going into the primary bathroom.

Check out those marble floors, absolutely beautiful. Here’s the tub sitting here, we do have a privacy screen there by the windows either you can either look at this tree or put that privacy screen down and enjoy this tub and the shower with its glass enclosure. Beautiful. And let’s go ahead and go inside and check out the tile work on here. We have some nice tile work here, and then it goes all the way up. It changes a little bit here in the center to a different type of tile. So it’s perfect dimensions of this. And then we also even have the showerhead there on the top, but there’s a total of three showerheads, as you can see here. Living in Windermere Florida.

So we have the closet area here because a standard room

They’ve made some excellent selections on color. As you can see, even the light comes out of the actual mirror picture, which is a nice little finishing touch. So that’s the primary bathroom. Gorgeous space to be. So let’s go ahead and take a tour through the rest of the home. Go back through these double doors. Take another view of the primary bedroom. As we leave to look and explore on hillside house, this door here is just storage and has the air handler behind here. room stage. Living in Windermere Florida.

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