LUXURY MODEL HOUSE – TOLL BROTHERS, Shalom family. God bless you all. Thank you all for tuning in for today’s good tour, guys. And today, we are at Toll Brothers here at Vickery estates, and we’re going to be checking out this Vanguard for the plan. So we have the floorplan here pulled up, starting from over 1,000,004 to six bedrooms, four to five bathrooms. Whoops, I’m just going to connect to the Wi-Fi. Okay, sorry about that. Four to five bathrooms 4315 plus square feet three four-car garages to stories beautiful model home that they have here.

You will be perfectly complete needing nothing, Amen. Whew, I don’t have to say anymore after that, guys. The next video for this one, you all check it out. You know, we talked about trials and tribulations and how God is molding you. He is molding you is getting stronger for that day for the battle that’s out here in the world, right? It’s a battle, guys. Ain’t any time to play games. Got to put on that full armor guy, guys. All right. So I recommend you all check the message out after this video. I’m going to leave you all with that verse. And know listen.

These houses are cool

I love these houses. Don’t get me wrong. They’re beautiful. But remember, the Bible tells us to focus our eyes on heavenly things, not earthly ones. It doesn’t get me wrong; it’s good. It’s okay. That doesn’t mean we have to like not to enjoy some of these things here in this world. Hey, but it’s just the point of not idolizing any can idolize things, right? These are nice things to show you all around. I already know this is my job what I got to do is what Wi Fi all glory to Christless is what we do. And you know, but all of you already know guys you know focus on the kingdom all right.

I like you guys look in these homes, and you guys have a good time. It’s entertaining. But know, guys, that there is an eternal home waiting for us. Oh, come on, now come on. eternal home waiting for us. All right, but we got to get on that narrow path, guys. It is a narrow path. The Bible says very few people find it. Okay, so we got to be wise as serpents gentle as doves, you all. Okay, and we got to be on a cost of repentance guys, we got to remember the Bible tells us to work on our salvation with fear and trembling, you all.

Paul says he fought the good fight, LUXURY MODEL HOUSE – TOLL BROTHERS

Do you know what I mean? So, of course, we’re going to endure some trials and tribulations, man, but it’s going to make you grow. Come on, you all. It’s going to make you grow, and you’re going to be stronger. So the next time Goliath comes around, boom, you got your slang, you got everything ready to rock and roll. Do you know what’s up? That’s it. So, you’re going through a tough time going through hard moments right now. Just know that the Lord is with you. By your side. Prayer is key, guys. You have to pray more than ever before you all.

Okay, and I love you guys. And I tell you all the truth, and I tell you all I spread the good news because you know what, guys? Are you there’s somebody out there I’m telling you people been just some you all been messaging sending some lovely comments just saying I needed to hear this so maybe somebody needs to hear this right now. You know you all pardon expect era like oh, it’s just going to be a house store. Nah, we also go spread the Good News and, you know, so Alright guys, I get a little silly when I get back here.

I like to talk to you all, and I like to be a little more

Yeah, I like to take off my whole life on a professional suit. And hey, talk to you all like whoa, how are you doing? How was your Christmas, you know? God bless you and your family, you know? So, seriously guys, I’d appreciate all of you. God bless your families. Remember, at the end day, Do not put your eyes on me I am nobody, or Martynov is a nobody. Okay? Put your eyes on Christ. That’s the man who came here and that through him we have eternal life. But remember, we got to repent, turn away from our sins, and we got to follow Christ. All right.

The Bible says he was not willing to pick up his cross and willing to follow Me is not worthy of me. All right. Shooters, I will stop right now because I got to go home. It’s getting late. You all gotta go to sleep. I’m not even sure what time it is over there, but on a serious note, guys, um, you know, once again, I did not work with the biller, so know available, and pricing subs change. I don’t control any of that. I’m the realtor.

I’m the real estate agent, LUXURY MODEL HOUSE – TOLL BROTHERS

So I do represent, you know, buyers, and you guys are moving out to Texas, or you guys can reach out to the bills yourself, whatever you guys feel most comfortable with, or you need help. You know we got you guys covered, and So that’s all in the description and all that, you know, business stuff. Still, you know, most importantly, listen, never forget Jesus Christ loves you all, right? Don’t ever think to remember the Bible tells he leaves the nine to find that one might just be you today who come on now it might just be you Let’s get on the Jesus train.

Hey, hey, hey, are you all okay? I’m goofing around too much. Alright, but anyways guys, I love all you all take care of. God bless your families. Thank you for watching. And we’ll see you guys next video, guys. As always, guys, be sure to follow us on tic TOCs on Instagram. These guys want to see some shorter clips and stuff, and you know, yeah, literally, this is all we do, guys, we spread the gospel and post real estate videos and help people out. So that’s it. Alright, you all, you all take care. God bless your families. Remember? We got to repent, turn away from our wicked ways, follow Christ, and know we got an eternal home waiting for us. So keep that smile. Alright, and lookup for our reject our redemption draws nigh.

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