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Mansion in Marbella, Going to show you Pizza as you’ve just seen. We have an impressive one-level mansion set in our bed Club Golf Resort, which was created by Marbella Club, which was the first step of my bed development, by the way. It’s an amazing modern property set over the golf course, enjoying simple Meramec sea and Gibraltar views. It is such a special and popular gay in Marbella, really excited about this property. So let’s jump straight to the specs 5700 square meters blog. We have a build size of 1370 square meters, six-bedroom suites, and an asking price of nine and a half million years. Okay, let’s take a look at this entrance is truly one and the client I need. Where do you see something like this? I haven’t.

The property includes a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, cinema rooms, spacious garage for five cars, mini football pitch, and separate staff quarters. From there, you get a nice angle to all the parking spaces that we have. Once the gate opens up to the property, we have a beautiful driveway with car access in this parking space. Then from here, we have a garage for five cars, and on the other side, there is a carpet for two cars. The moment you drive in here, and you start maneuvering, you’ve got the beautiful yellow stone on both sides of the car for getting that special first vibes going on. The beautiful olive tree next to the entrance of the valley-style garden, which we’ll see a little bit later us standing on something truly unique.

And now that we know that this property is one level let’s take a look at it from the sky

The villa has a U shape, maybe even a W shape. We have two kitchens next to the carpets with direct and easy access from them. Next to the kitchen, we have the dining and lounge which accesses terraces and garden on both sides, further along. There is a cinema. As we enter, we have the first feeling impression of the property with a double height. Beautiful stunning painting in the entrance the as the vibe going got hanging chandeliers over this round sofa. In essence, we’ve got a room of great proportion, and size, and volume, basically a wow effect altogether.

As soon as we walk through this wide hallway, we’ve got the walk-in closet, guest toilet, and office space. Coming over, we get to the living and kitchen space, which I’m a huge fan of because it feels very spacious. But at the same time, you still could create a cozy and family feeling to the room. The flow of the rooms is nice to open plan together with the kitchen and living space. All of the debts are separated by this chimney, which is a huge decorative element and creates privacy in each room. We have a gas fireplace double-sided they also have a TV on both sides.

We have that masculinity to it, Mansion in Marbella

Wine Cellar is positioned very strategically. I would say right next to the dining for delivery to the kitchen and the terrace. We’ve got the breakfast table, or even maybe I was calling myself a snacking table because I’d be here all day. Six people at least excellent site oversized, I would say Island kitchens. The sink is over here in the middle. We’ve got an essential iPhone charger. You don’t want to get that missing. Then your cooking happens over here with the extract. There was a beautiful lamp on top of it and notice how sneak. And how big is the kitchen island like you can have here plenty of cooking happening at the same time no problem.

Behind me, we have the main kitchen sections, which I like because the airflow carries on top of them and doesn’t just close off the room, which is pretty nice. With dark wood. I love it. And then we’ve got, of course, pretty much everything you need here. Everything’s Gaggenau as well. We’ve got the coffee machine, late pizza microwave oven, double fridge, which I want you to picture the width of each fridge. This is a fridge freezer. Each one of these Gaggenau costs at least 10 to 15k of them, Okay. On the other side, we have a second kitchenette, nicely hidden but can immediately give that extra support to the main kitchen in case of a friend’s gathering or party. Mansion in Marbella

There’s also a laundry and a storage room next to the door leading to the carport

And another special feature of this kitchen which I left for last, is this vertical natural garden right inside the house spoke about bringing the outdoor living into the indoor living and combining it all. It’s awesome and gives that life to the room and now the living room. I tell you this is one of my favorite living rooms of all time, and no joking around, no exaggeration, honestly, I’ll explain to you why. First of all, your eye view to the sides is 22 meters long back and forth. It’s almost infinite. Then apart from the height, the same being four meters, the developer also opted for the floor-to-ceiling windows, which are pretty impressive.

In my opinion, the furniture is very stylish and suits the property the architecture very much apart fromn that you can tell that the surface is comfy you’ve got plenty of space. And now probably the best thing we’re going to do is take it to the outside to see the stunning views of the swimming pool the cheering to the chill-out areas. Brady, cool, let’s carry on coming out to the terrace. Mansion in Marbella

You’ve got a huge swimming pool several different garden areas

Great lounge
Great lounge

Great lounge area with a chimney bar area and lots of covered space protecting you from the sun. I love these big green tiles that they use in the pool. This valley style repeated all over the house was plenty of Buddhas and beautiful olive trees throughout. Also, another nice detail is that this area can be accessed directly from the carpet. We also have the exterior toilets over here. From this port, we can once again appreciate the property’s architecture, which I think is truly beautiful. They made use of the yellow stone with the white walls, the glass, the green elements all together is quite stunning. Another important detail about this property is that it owes the whole mountain on. Which it stands like an island surrounded by the golf course.

So what else? You’re right. The Bali-style garden around which the property evolves gives charm to everything a room that looks into it. It’s cheap; it’s relaxing, it’s cool. The back garden is wonderful. I’m amazed at the ambiance created in this space, which is not too big, and the mix of all these details that create this sensation, in essence, the combination of architecture and nature. We have the natural orange stones in both corners gorgeous tree seven align lots of glass, the concrete slabs creating the Passarella with the Buddha set in front of the green tiles that create this frame and carry on under the water to the other side where we have the view of the entrance hole from the backside which again is stunning.

We carry on past the two orange trees and get to the seating area before the lounge, Mansion in Marbella

And this is an important detail about these two sitting areas that we have in this house, which are set at the north part of the living room and in the summer, and those hot summer days when you want to find a cold spot. This is the perfect place to be and enjoy some time. Again, open the windows completely the flow with the living and here is all connected and pretty much take a look by yourself.

It is a stunning garden, isn’t it, and now tell me what mansion you’d be watching. Property tours can be called a mansion if he doesn’t have a cinema room, right? But before we go into that, please ask you guys to subscribe to the channel be amazing. We appreciate all your support. And I hope you’re enjoying this, so let’s carry on. And this cinema is so spacious that it can afford a billiard table right here we’ve got all our game stations behind me. Mansion in Marbella.

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