MASSIVE CONTEMPORARY HOUSE, Shalom family. God bless you all. Thank all of you for tuning in for today’s property tour, guys. And today, we are at 1657. Okay, I almost slipped there. So did snow here in Dallas. So there’s still some snow leftover, but anyways, we are 1657 carriage Creek in DeSoto, Texas, going to be checking out this gorgeous listing. This is a five-bedroom, four-bathroom 2880 square feet, two-car garage, sitting on a 0.35-acre lot. And so, these are going to be the specs here.

All right, and the current price is listed at 575. And the listing agent is going to be Rob Elmore with Dave Perry-Miller real estate, so we’re going to be checking out this beautiful twin two home. So as soon as we enter, we have a little office area here on my right-hand side with that two massive floor-to-ceiling windows. That actually would have been funny if I fell, guys. That would have been a good blooper for the video. And then to my left-hand side, you have the main bedroom here, okay, you got carpet in the master got these high vaulted ceilings, three huge windows overlooking that backyard.

Okay, and then you have this exquisite master bath

Got the double vanity there. Wow, I got the garden tub privacy window. Massive walk-in shower. Very very nice. Wow. By the way, guys, I do apologize. I am wearing the squeaky jacket today. So that’s why you guys hear all this little background noise but look at that. Wow. What do you guys feel about this design? Very nice. It’s kind of like more marble. The marble looks lovely. Okay, and then here it is. Walk-in closet. Sheesh. Wow, this is massive.

Ladies, do we approve? Gentlemen. This is our spa right here. All right. Ladies, do we endorse this closet yay or nay? And I like it a hot has these two huge windows make it a lot more open and just brighter here. Right now, let’s head on upstairs. So you all the additional rooms got your second deck living room, tiny extra closet here for your board games, and all that good stuff. She will be the Nightwatch she’s got to Windows. Look in the front yard. She’s got her tiny walk-in closet. It’s probably I’m assuming that this house will sell fast.

It’s, I mean, it’s gorgeous, MASSIVE CONTEMPORARY HOUSE

So and the location. Oh, let me see if I can show you guys. Look how beautiful that is. It’s got like a bit of creek back there, which is fantastic. That’s nice. So that gives you that little privacy there. Got a considerable distance between you and your side neighbors, which is nice. Another walk-in closet there. But yeah, the Dallas market, you all have been Galanti. So just a heads up is very, very crazy out here. Things are just moving so fast.

Do you know? Yeah, I think Dallas is one of the top growing cities, you know, so Dallas and Austin. Austin thought the only downside with Austin is that there’s not much available. It’s crazy. And there’s nothing but bidding wars out there, even with new construction. I mean, the areas that will be tough to get into, you know, are probably like the more popular areas you know, Plano Frisco McKinney prospers, you know, everybody wants to be out there so that market is very, very hot. But if you’re looking like in the outskirts, you don’t mind, you know, living on a couple of acres or a lovely tiny home on the land. And I would probably recommend, you know, looking at the outskirts a little bit, but anyways guys, so once again.


I’m leaving all the information description. You guys can check it out. As always, Rob Elmore is the listing agent. So huge thank you to him for letting me come by checking out this beautiful home. But aside from that guy, Hopefully, you all enjoy it. And yeah, guys, let’s get right into it. Who comes on now? Oh, listen, man, if you all haven’t heard Paul Washer. I mean, I highly recommend some of his sermons. You know, my wife and I watched these two great documentaries yesterday.

I’m sorry the past few days that we were snowed in it was called the American gospel and talking about how, you know, we’ve watered down the gospel, right? So highly recommend you all check out those documentaries. It’s, it’s just a powerful documentary. It’s called the American gospel, Christ loan, I believe was one of them. And then, man, I forgot the other one. But yeah, you guys can look it up on YouTube.

But anyway, let’s get right into it

So first and foremost, never forget to listen. Let’s get right into it. Give me one second, you all. I’m sure you all already know this. But you know what? We need to hear this. Wow, listen, what is the gospel proper? The gospel is that God loves them so much that he saved him he sent his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to shed His precious blood at Calvary. On the third day, he rose. All right, and all who believe in him and put your trust in Him as your Lord and Savior. You will be saved. Right? You will have everlasting life. Hallelujah. Come on. Come on.

Now. We Christians, we’re going to need to hear that again. We need to be reminded and listen, my brothers and sisters, my fellow YouTubers watching this video. Listen. Salvation is a gift. It’s a gift. The Bible tells us not of your work. So let no man boast. Right? It’s a gift. But you got to put your trust in Christ. You have to turn away from your wicked ways, repent and surrender to the Lord, and you can accept them right now and have everlasting life.

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