MILLION Luxury Home in Calgary

MILLION Luxury Home in Calgary, This is a walk-in closet. My name is Brad McCallum, and today my wife and I will take you on a tour of one of Calgary’s most exclusive homes. Have you ever wondered what a six-and-a-half-million-dollar home looks like in Calgary? Well, today we’re going to take you through 1015 Sydenham road. This is a gorgeous home in the prestigious, sought-after community of upper Mount Royal. Let’s go check it out. In this series, we are touring Calgary in areas most incredible homes.

And wow, do we ever have some fantastic properties yet to come up? So please, if you haven’t already done it, hit that like button, subscribe to our channel if you’re not already, and then hit the bell so you can be notified anytime we upload a new video. Okay, let’s get back to the tour. Just check out this main entrance. It is two stories tall, but these are two typical stories. This is 10 feet on the main floor 11 On the second. It makes this feel so grand, which is something.

You’d expect right in a home or this statue

The kitchen is an understated masterpiece with beautiful symmetry using custom-built quarter-sawn oak paneling and integrated wolf appliances. And we could not get over this island with over 100 square feet of honed granite surface. How are you cleaning this island like you’d have to climb up, and I’d have to pull you back with your feet. I’m six foot one. And it feels I feel short. Again, five, nine, but still. Such a kitchen like this makes me feel a little self-conscious. It isn’t brilliant. Okay, come on over here to the outdoor. Well, we have a tiny dining room and then the outdoor space, a little dining room that’s the size of our living room.

Just a little spot right little breakfast no more like but you have these beautiful sliding doors that open up and let all breeze through and then it carries you over into the living room as well. For heading upstairs, we head to the west side of the home, where there is a dining room, a home office, a powder room, and of course, this gorgeous oak staircase with plate glass railings. His office is all once again custom-built cabinetry throughout. There was a slightly darker stain in here to set it apart. And it’s like charming granite.

I mean, this room is incredible, MILLION Luxury Home in Calgary

One of my favorite things is another outdoor space with Yeah. Please show them upstairs. Yeah, it’s fantastic—11-foot ceilings throughout the second floor, which is kind of cool. In six and a half million dollar home, though, you get zero compromises. There are three bedrooms on the second floor, plus an impressive master retreat. The hope is over 5500 square feet, and the master itself must be close to 20% of it. Okay, look at this ensuite yourself shower girl, give us in the shower. Try that the walk-in closet itself feels like a high-end retail clothing store. All that’s missing is the sign and the merchandise. It’s insane. I’ve never seen anything like it. Every girl’s dream is to fill all of this closet space with clothes, shoes, and bags.

I know, right? And you have these vast tops up here. Which I assume is for adoring fans’ gifts. Yeah, yeah. Okay. And then over here, um, another secondary Island. Like, look at this. We’re since we’re addicted. I could get rid of here, and you could stand on my shoulders, and then you could also never do that. Do people do that? I don’t know. Masturbate bedroom is minimalist. I am putting all of the attention on these large corner windows. And that beautiful downtown skyline.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy, MILLION Luxury Home in Calgary

You can see the Calgary Tower from your bedroom. Do you feel like maybe if we saved more money, but we have wasted six and a half million dollars? No, I make me feel better. Yeah. This is this was not an option. I think the reason that This hallway exists is so you can stand up here with your guests and say, one second. I’ll be there taking the elevator, we hit the button, right? And then like seriously use the stairs like no, they’re like, I’ll meet you halfway but no, taking the elevator. I was hoping you wouldn’t talk to me until down there when we were allowed. As we tour into the basement, we see another bedroom, a bathroom, the mudroom, and a four-car tandem garage. And then we are greeted by this beautiful wine cellar.

I knew she would love this huge. It is the credit. A thoroughly cooled wine cellar, you have everything you need in here to display your collection to show it off to friends. And then, of course, you have this awesome custom web bar that will allow you to enjoy your pool while you’re entertaining with friends. Sounds good to me. That was awesome. Absolutely. We are so thankful to mallet house for allowing us to come through and tour this incredible six-and-a-half-million-dollar home. No, but a huge thanks as well to John rip code world page, who’s listening this home is, and who allowed us to come through and get it all set up. Hey guys, please hit that like button if you haven’t yet done it.

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