MODEL HOUSE TOUR NEAR DALLAS TEXAS, Shalom Family, God bless you all. Thank you for tuning in for today’s Picture, guys. So that being said, as soon as we enter, we have this long hallway leading up to the kitchen living room. We got an office on my right-hand side, overlooking the front yard as soon as you enter. It’s one of their more giant floor plans to so little closet space there beautiful long hallway he got some additional closet space there washer and dryer room.

Hey, let’s check out this closet. Okay, nice little cute clothes, alright the extraordinary thing about this builder is a lot of the upgrades in this home are standard features, so that’s great. Wow, look at this. High vaulted ceilings auto natural lighting from those windows you got the white on white countertops these are granite. Got the electric fireplace, there are three massive windows, and you got your tiny backyard here. So this is the model home, but I would say these are typically the yard sizes from what I’ve been seeing, but it depends on which lots they have available. Still, you know everything’s going to range depending on what they currently have available. So I know they had they do have a couple of specs spec homes available by June July timeframe April, so if you guys are looking for summertime moving like right now.

Like I was telling a sweet couple that they’re coming from Canada

I was telling them, you know, if you guys are looking to move in the summertime, now’s the time to get that started because everyone right now is looking for that summer move, so things are flying off the shelves and especially with availability. I think I firmly believe I feel like the summers will get crazy.
That is the mid nice, elegant bathroom. Immaculate single bed, and on each side. And then you got your toilet here. Then you got the walk-in shower. The massive walk-in closet isn’t hers, and then you got a little secret storage here. Alright, so let’s head on over to the upstairs.

What do you guys think so far? Comment below your thoughts, alright got the second deck, summer, And then I believe this will be a media room here, okay? You got a little Tiffany’s room, all right. Double vanity here got some extra closet space here. Yeah, tomorrow’s going to be; it’s going to be snowed in, guys. So I wanted to get as much content as I could today. Because tomorrow we’re going to be it’s going to be snowing here in, in, in Dallas.You know, a little frozen pizza. So when we stand tomorrow, we, you know, cuddle up with their dogs.

Oh, you know, watch, you know, a Pure Flix movie

I highly recommend you all gotta check out Pure Flix. They got a lot of great movies on there. You know, great Christian movies. So you got a little Jake’s from here. Yeah, so we got the, we got a little piece of we got big chips and everything like that. So we’re excited. We’re like, Yes, praise the Lord. We’re going to enjoy ourselves and, you know, spend time with each other.

If you guys do want to reach out, I highly recommend you fill out the type form that is the best way to contact you. There’s way too many DMS and me and the Wi-Fi. I can’t keep up with all the DMS and comments, emails, and everything. So please fill out the type form. But aside from that, praise the Lord. It’s a beautiful day. Thank you. Thank God for today, and I’m excited to spend time with my wife tomorrow.

So aside from that, it is chilly, MODEL HOUSE TOUR NEAR DALLAS TEXAS

It’s like four degrees right now. But listen, we got into the Word, yes. We are earlier this earlier today. And we got into a great message. Very, very powerful. We talked about the parable about the see. Let me pull it up here real quick. Because I want to make sure I get it right. I think it was Matthew chapter 12. I’m sorry. Well, it was the parable about the landowner that gave everybody the wages. Everyone got the same salary, even though some workers came a bit late. So I recommend you all check out that video. Don’t forget Jesus Christ loves you.

Okay, when you repent, turn away from sin, and know that he loves you so much. Okay, he will leave the nine to find that one, and that one might be your day. So that being said, God bless you in your families. And my fellow believers, you know, Hey, you all better be in your Word. You all better be standing on that narrow path and letting the Lord lead you to guide you.

Fellowship with Him, love Him spread the gospel, MODEL HOUSE TOUR NEAR DALLAS TEXAS

Most importantly, You know, striving for sanctification, and now’s the time you all, because we see that day approaching. All right, the blessed hope, who come on now I have to go, you all. This is a cold day, man song. You all gotta watch that last video. I highly recommend you all praise the Lord, all glory to Christ. I love all of you, all the perfect messages coming out. As I said, I’m just here to spread the Good News. I’m not an I’m not, you know, some teacher or anything like that.

I’m, you know, reading the Word and just giving some good news to people out there that a loss, you know, the Bible tells us that, you know, sick people, they need a doctor, right? Sick people need a doctor, and we got a lot of sick people out there. All right. So we got the antidote. And that’s Jesus Christ of Nazareth. All right, praise the Lord. All glory to Christ. You all stay blessed.

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