Nordic Haus 24 guest Utah Ski Lodge

Nordic Haus 24 guest Utah Ski Lodge, This is the Nordic house, a frame cabin with over 5000 square feet of living space. There are four levels on the inside. It can host up to 24 guests. The Nordic House is located in Brighton, Utah, minutes from solitude and Brighton ski areas. This is only a 40-minute drive from Salt Lake City Airport, which is perfect for how secluded you feel and the views you have from being in the mountains. We are at 700 feet in elevation, which is a pretty fun experience in itself. The Nordic house Lodge is a remodeled 5000 square foot ski lodge perfect for winter activities or even summer activities which are applied to me at this time being here in June. So once you book your stay, you arrive at your frame, and immediately the luxuries begin.

Your driveway is paved, which is pretty rare, I think, and there are string lights that light the way down your driveway. Having the aspen trees along the side makes the entrance stunning as well. Your park and walk down to your cabin, and it’s massive. Looking at it, you can see the beautiful frame shape and the materials used for the outside. Make this cabin feel like a lodge because it’s a total of four levels to this cabin. So not only tall but very long. If we take a look at the side, this place stretches out very long. There are multiple levels of decking on this outside which leads us to our outdoor area. Walking down the steps leads to the side of your cabin where a couple of fire pits are located, great for evenings and hanging out with friends.

On the bottom level of this cabin

This cabin
This cabin

There’s a seven-person hot tub, which is wonderful, especially in the winter months. On the other side, there’s a cornhole and a grill, and I’ll save the other two levels of patio space for later in this video. Let’s head back around this cabin and check out the entrance. There’s a basic carving greeting you at your front door and a ski lift seat that fits this lodge. So now, let’s walk inside and see what this place has to offer. You walk in on the main level and are immediately introduced to your kitchen space. That’s crazy. The countertops are a beautiful stone with a rough cut edge which looks amazing. Island has a chalkboard countertop perfect for preparing food, and all the appliances are Viking, a very luxury brand.

The first door on the left is the main bedroom you walk in, and you have your private full bathroom in here as well. This bathroom is huge and bright, and very easy to use. The double vanity is beautiful, along with the tiling of this bathroom. There’s a bench behind your venue to help get you ready as well. And on the other side is your blue day toilet. Which if you haven’t experienced it before, it is truly something special, and then you have your full shower across from that. A very nice bathroom overall. And now we will walk out of that and into your bedroom. This bedroom has a king bed in here with plenty of space. There’s carpet and a dresser with a TV above it.

This is a simple bedroom, but it is very comfortable

The next door is your next bedroom. This one has two beds and plenty of room for luggage and gets ready all carpeted, and I like the decor here. The ski lodge theme is definitely in here and in this entire cabin. Stepping out of this, and will enter into another bathroom. This one is identical to the last one I showed you but has one large mirror and no good toilet, sadly. Also, the tiling is different, but it’s still very nice. We can take a step out of this back hallway now and walk around into your main living space. And across from that is your actual living room space. There are two huge leather couches and some additional sitting. And this all faces your stone fireplace.

I think I love this living room space. You can see the other levels of this, Kevin, looking at it from that side, so it’s a pretty open concept.This overlooks your outdoor space and has an outdoor dining table for the warmer months. Let’s walk back inside and check out the top two levels. Now we’ll walk up the stairs up into your next level up. Here is an intimate hangout area. There are games with a gaming table here, hanging chairs next to the stone fireplace filled with these wood logs, and the Overlook railing that lets you see into your living room. This is a very cozy spot. This door leads out into your upper patio space. Nothing up here but great views. There’s also a bathroom up here similar to the last ones with a single vanity. And a bathtub shower combo this time.

This is the only bathroom that has a bathtub in the house


So this one is pretty special. The last room up here is your biggest bedroom. There are four beds in here with two closets on each side. So an abundance base for gear and getting ready. And I’m sure this would be the Hangout bedroom for sure you could see probably eight guests in here if you wanted to. Now let’s head up the spiral staircase, which is always fun, and into your loft space. Up here is a unique area as we are at the point of the A-frame. The wood design is lovely, and everything else in this cabin, and there are only two beds up here with some children’s toys. This would be such a fun area for kids to hang out

I think not much you can do in such a small space like this. So adding more guest availability is pretty smart, so that is everything on these three levels, but there is a fully finished basement. So let’s go check that out. You’ll walk down these steps and be greeted by the downstairs kitchen. We have a dining table for six, a bar area with a wine cooler, and a full kitchen. There’s a dishwasher and oven and even a full fridge down here. And these wood cabinets look nice as well. So with this many guests, it is nice to have another kitchen space around this is more bedrooms and one of the best parts, I think your sauna. I’ve never been to a cabin with a sauna indoors before this first section has a shower space, and then we walk into your intersection.

And this is your real sauna, Nordic Haus 24 guest Utah Ski Lodge

This is a pretty big one. This is such a cool thing before offering an Airbnb, especially a ski lodge where winter months are pretty abundant here. The next room is a bedroom with two beds in here. And next to this bedroom is another bedroom with two beds as well. So there’s plenty of space for everybody down here. And then there’s also a bathroom down here it’s identical to the other ones. So these owners do not cheap out on anything in this house. Even the downstairs bathroom is just as nice as the upstairs bathroom. No, it can head around your kitchen into your second living space. And here we will find a pool table with a couch behind it.

There’s a real bear rug on this wall which is so cool, and a bear trap on the other wall. This bear trap was huge to get savannahs hand and head next to it. Then we have your huge couch with your TV down here, perfect for movie night or watching Netflix. I mean, this couch is massive. There’s also a zero gravity massage chair, which I took advantage of, and a massive plush beanbag chair that can hold Semana and me, so it’s huge, the biggest one I’ve ever seen. And then on this wall, they left their suggestions for hikes and eating, which is genius because it looks good, and people will read this. I love it. And speaking of hikes, there are several hikes in this area.

Savannah and I went on a couple, Nordic Haus 24 guest Utah Ski Lodge

We went on a Twin Lakes hike, which was pretty nice, but then we did the Lake Mary hike, which I think was way better than Twin Lakes, and it was just so beautiful. They’re both nice and fun if you like hiking; they’re close by, like a five-minute drive. So plenty of hiking opportunities here as well. We hiked up to like 10,000 feet. I believe the beautiful lake and mountains all around it’s just stunning. And there’s also Park City close by, which is a fun area to be bopping around some stores and checking out what are mountains like, so that is everything that this for level over 5000 square feet a frame cabin has to offer.

There was a lot here, so I hope I did a good job, but the store and I guided you through At home, not in a confusing way because there’s a lot to go through. So if you want to book this place, the link is down below. I did a vlog on this trip as well because I was here for a couple of days. We had a little bit of free time in between shooting, so if you want to see what we do when we come to these Airbnbs, go and watch that vlog anyway.

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