Penthouse-What $8 Million Buys You in LA vs NYC


Penthouse, What’s up, everybody its a sentence here. Welcome to another episode this week when a Mount Olympus neighborhood of Hollywood Hills is about the toward this stunning five-bedroom, seven-bath $8 million modern home right behind me. I’m a real estate broker. I do this. So let’s get started, let’s get you to the next level together, Deal. Deal. If you’re not adapting to change, you’re going to be left behind.

Unlike New York City calms in Los Angeles at frontlines backyard areas. And today, we’re in the Mount Olympus neighborhood. We’re going to turn that in a bit, this stainless steel wrapping direction on the first and second floors of this property. And this white staircase takes you up to the entry. Now before we go back to New York City, why don’t we go inside and check out the living room. Alright, so you entered the home through this beautiful pivot front door. And we have this spacious foyer with a two-story ceiling skylight above, and the staircase takes you to the second floor. But more importantly, follow me this way. Now, as we take this hallway, we have beautiful hardwood floors all open.

We have a great living area right in front of us, penthouse

Beautiful furniture setup. We currently have the shades down. But do you guys get the point? Now, as we go out, there’s one more thing I would like to point out. The stacking glass door is stacked here because it opens up the entire living room to the fantastic backyard and these incredible views. Right now, if you want to go down to your garage, get in your car, drive to the beach, and enjoy this fantastic weather. And that’s why Los Angeles is so special. Penthouse

In LA traffic, you’re not that close to the beach might take you a little while. And what New York lacks in square footage we make up for with beautiful views. You’re cooking in the clouds. We are 400 feet in the air, and we’re in this gorgeous custom kitchen in this penthouse looking out over billionaires row Central Park, the Upper West Side, and the Hudson River. It’s pretty incredible. Now we’ve got a big color theme here. It’d be blue. We’ve got gorgeous millwork lowers that wrap all the way around. And we’ve got an incredible knee lay appliance package.

Now I know that the NSS kitchen is probably twice the size of this one, but let’s see it

Our kitchen
Our kitchen

Yeah, right, you’re right, our kitchen is way more extensive, but we’re going to do what we do and talk about some details. We have the massive island right in the center with the bar seating, your first sink, TV on this side, sliding glass doors opening up to the side of the property. And as we look behind me, we have more of these base and upper cabinets. And as we continue to this site, we have the built-in fridge, beautifully paneled and more built-in appliances, and some extra pantry space. Overall this is very spacious, and I’m pretty sure we won the battle of the kitchens. But let’s move on with our tour and go check out the primary bedrooms. penthouse

The primary suite is as penthouse as it gets. First up, you have two extra-large closets fully built out and locked with fingerprint-only access like I can’t even get in. And that’s not all with the closets. You’ve got this whole additional wall here to showcase all of your awards, your trophies. You know some flowers you’ve got built-in automatic watch Turner, so your alerts are always on time. It’s got such a rich character to it in the bedroom is something if extra high ceilings which again are hard to get in New York, they have a fully built out entertainment suite, you’ve got all this additional space for I mean we have some you know couches and some chairs here, but you can put a whole other like little room set up.

Remember, New York City space is hard to come by, which is why it’s so valuable

This bedroom
This bedroom

So to have all this extra luxurious space means that you get what you pay for here. And then this bedroom blows away anything you’re going to get in LA because you’ve got these views. This is what it’s all about. This is why you have a penthouse so that you can lay here 400 feet in the air and watch the sunset over New Jersey as you’re going to sleep. And Ryan, Imagine waking up to these amazing views and don’t forget sunsets in the west so we get the best sunsets and you can enjoy from this primary bedroom and the bathroom. Now we’re going to start with the bathroom.

We have the freestanding tub here with chrome fixture walls of glass, looking for these fantastic views. And if you need some extra privacy, we have the automatic shades here as well. Now right behind me, we have this spacious walk-in shower. You pretty much have everything. We have the first shower set on the left but body space chrome fixtures, regular showerhead, and the second set on the other side clad with natural stone.

Again we have the body space showerheads, and to top it all off

We have these dual rein heads right above the gorgeous, spacious walk-in shower. As we get out at the end of this hallway, we have the water closet into a highly spacious walk-in closet. And as we wrap around, this is where we have the makeup area and this gorgeous floating vanity set up with dual sinks—an extremely spacious bathroom. Of course, we have natural stone floors, and it opens directly into your primary bedroom, but if you need some privacy, we have the glass barn doors right here. Now let’s talk about the spacious direct bedroom doors. On this side.

We have king-sized beds situated here. Beautiful hardwood floors. On the left-hand side, we have this beautiful marble cladding, this double-sided gas fireplace TV above. But more importantly, this is your TV. We have these amazing views from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean. Because these sliding glass doors stacked on the left open up the primary bedroom to this great outdoor space. Of course, to maximize the view, we have the glass railing, and you get this fantastic weather to flow into your primary bedroom. And speaking of weather, why don’t we go to the backyard and check out Wiley is way better than yours.

Okay, and as you might have beat me on this one, but let me tell you something

My front yard is insane
My front yard is insane

This isn’t just a private terrace of this penthouse. It’s a private lot, which means it’s covered. And it’s personal outdoor space in New York City, which is the most valuable. People sometimes pay more for the private terraces than they do for the interior space. And yes, our terrace might not be the size of yours. But that’s not what this is all about here. This is private. But then you also have the entire park space beneath you that is at your doorstep. My front yard is insane. I’ve got playgrounds, soccer fields, dog parks, running paths, and I’ve got New York City. Now and it goes easy on me. Okay,

Brian, I’m going to try. But this backyard is simply incredible. Right now, I’m on top of this bridge that is over this koi pond, which is fantastic. And this is only the side of the property. Now, as we take this walkway on our left-hand side, we have the living room, dining area opening up to the backyard. Right here, we have the other barbecue area, but the stool elevation countertops, your grill on the other side, of course, you get a seat here. And as we continue from any point in your backyard, you see these fantastic views. We have the pool and spa spas a little more raised to take advantage of these fantastic views. Properties nicely head. It’s super private. We have lovely weather. That’s what makes Los Angeles and this backyard so unique.

I’d everyone that’s it for the tour, penthouse

We enjoy spending the whole day here touring this fantastic property. And Ryan, thank you so much for showing us your listing in New York City. Both cities are great. I like New York, and I try to go there as much as possible. I love the city, so I have to defend it proudly. Before we end this video, I would like to thank the listing agent, Arvin huddart, for allowing us a tour with fantastic listening. And now back to you. Right?

Okay, I get New York is very different from Los Angeles. I think we all understand that. Both are fantastic cities, but they also have their motivations for why people love each other and why people are partial to each of them. I love the energy here. I love how crazy this city is and how everything is at your front door. That’s why I love living here, and I love selling here. And if you did, make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel, subscribe to Ryan’s channel. And we’ll see you guys next week.

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