STUNNING LUXURY HOUSE TOUR, God bless you all. Thank you for tuning in for today’s Prophet tour, guys. And today, we are at 3724 Park wood lane and Denison, Texas. You are going to be checking out this gorgeous listing. So this will be a four-bedroom, four-bathroom 3384 square feet, currently listed at 590,000. I’m sorry, 580,000 My apologies. And this is recorded by Samuel Holloway with Frontier properties. So aside from that, guys, hopefully, you all enjoy it.

Let’s check out this beautiful home. So this is probably one of my favorite homes I’ve seen in a long time, especially for the pricing. My wife was, you know, she, I announced in the last video she you know, by the grace of the Lord she passed her her test her real estate exam. And she was looking at this house today’s her second day of work.

And man, she fell in love with this

So I’m super excited to show you guys around. So as soon as we enter, we have the guest room here to my right-hand side. You got two huge windows overlooking the front yard. The thing with this property is that it’s in the coldest sack. So you know less traffic, not to move people going past your home and you know, it’s a pleasant cul de sac lot, and a lot size is pretty nice as well. Okay. As you can see outside, friendly little cul de sac. And then you got the office here to my left. Beautiful doors. And then you have a full bathroom downstairs as well.

They get their tiny bathroom stand-up shower when the toilet comes in or the in-law’s visit. Are you all ready for this? ba dee da w w Rita Rita. Who? Wow, beautiful high vaulted ceilings. Huge living room. That is an electric fireplace here. Wow. And then you got the glass doors there. That way, when you know you got the barbecue, you got the family coming in and now easy access to the backyard there. And then you have this massive kitchen.

My wife was like, what? STUNNING LUXURY HOUSE TOUR

She was freaking out. She’s like, what? This is huge. I’m telling you all. If you all were here right now, you would see how big this home is. And I think this one’s almost done with completion. They still got some construction going on. So I probably assume that they are probably done around maybe the end of February. You are beginning of March. Okay, lots of cabinet space to wow, they’ve got a little lighting up there. That’s nice. This is a beautiful home.

Wow, that is a lot of windows, so bring a lot of that natural lining, not the wood floors. And then you have kind of like a little area to put your drinks, wines, all that good stuff. You are maybe making a little coffee bar as well. All right. And then you got this massive pantry which she washer and dryer room here and you got your minor error to hang up your coats put your shoes in before you get into the house and then I believe this is going to be a two-car garage.

Yeah, two-car garage, STUNNING LUXURY HOUSE TOUR

Let me confirm with that four bedroom four bath, and it is I’m sorry it’s a three-car garage my apologies so three-car garage don’t think that this home is going to last very long I’m sure this is a very just great opportunity but then again I mean there’s a lot of beautiful homes like this all across you know northern Dallas the outskirts a little bit so let me show you guys quickly on the map where we’re at that way you guys can see how far we’re away from

Dallas here Okay, so one second, you all, so it’s not too far out, just a little past Sherman, so up north, so in case you guys don’t mind living a little bit. You know outside of the city there’s a lot of great opportunities like this while over this main bedroom beautiful modern fans got these wooden beams very very. I like what they did here. This is nice, wow, okay, and then here we go. This is the moment the breaker makes a moment. Are you all ready for this? Here we go to topple a couple of Leto.

I have to change my theme song, by the way

Who Tito Wow, his and hers vanity got this beautiful flooring with unique patterns Okay. I think this is tile for no mistaking. I’m not sure what the Wow is very nice. I’m not sure. Guys, maybe you guys can correct me in the comments below. I think what material this is wow huge stand-up shower. Then you got this beautiful, beautiful garden tub. Wow, very modern, and you got his vanity there, and you got the toilet right here, and then this is it right here, ladies.

This is the maker break as well. Who come on now. Oh, come on. I know some of you all like that said this is the house. Gentle gentlemen, hold on to a wallet. Sheesh, This is a massive closet, gentlemen. That’s our spot right there. But ladies, look at all this closet space. So, in case all of you haven’t heard already, by the way. Well, I think I mentioned in the last video if you guys saw it, but if you haven’t already, my beautiful blessing of a wife.

She got her license

So today is the second day at the office. And so she loves it. I mean, it’s just beautiful we work together now, and it’s what we have always been working together she’s now she’s you know, officially a real estate agent, which is fantastic. So yeah, praise the Lord. All glory to Christ because it took his soaker took her seven times, but what are the odds right seven times you’ve finally passed them the seven-time which was almost like, listen, babe.

Member and remember she before she took her test? I was in the car was there, and before she walked in, I was like, babe, listen. If God For us, who can be against us? Come on, walk by faith, not by sight. And, you know, assuming you’re like, Member. This is your seventh time, as the number of perfection.

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