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The Nook – Tiny House w, Welcome to my favorite tiny house I’ve ever stayed in the NOC, located in Swannanoa, North Carolina, about 20 or 30 minutes outside of Asheville. I’m going to be giving you a tour of this beautiful 400 square foot tiny house. This is my favorite little house I’ve shown on this channel, and I will be taking notes of inspiration for myself. The link is down below to check it out. And if you want to book this place, it is trendy. I’m filming this in February, and there are only three nights available for the rest of the 2021 year, so book it in advance and don’t wait till the last minute. Do wait last minute sometimes on their Instagram account.

They’ll post cancellations like last-minute cancellations. So follow them on your Instagram account. Whenever you arrive at the nuk, this beautiful Airbnb surrounded by trees and nature, it just blends right into the scenery. If you’re not we’re looking for you might miss it. But whenever you look upon it, you’ll see how majestic it looks and how cozy this tiny cabin house is. It looks phenomenal. I love the windows on the outside. And just it looks enormous from the outside because the ceilings are tall. And there’s a couple of loft spaces on the inside.

So it looks massive on the outside, The Nook – Tiny House w

You can see there’s an outdoor patio, and on its backside, this round window. And this stands out amongst other tiny houses. The host was amiable. He was telling me the story behind this little house and how vital craftsmanship was with this small house and how everything has been either repurposed or handmade, and how local history and just local artists are included in this little house. And there’s some Japanese inspiration inside as well. There’s a lot to it. So if you ever come and stay here for sure, ask about what this tiny house is all about. So you walk down this path to your tiny house at night. It is lit by these string lights that go right up to the cabin. And you walk down, and you can see your round window over here on the back.

And there’s a small porch tin area over here on the right. This is where you walk into a couple of things out here. This black wood was done by Japanese technique to make it black and give it a specific look. And a lot of the wood has been repurposed from old barn wood or found on properties that are dead trees. This post right here was found on the outers property. You can see right here, it was struck by lightning, which made the tree, of course, fall. The Nook – Tiny House w.

He’s been using it right here for support, The Nook – Tiny House w

And it’s just awesome to hear that small snippet story of this tiny house. Walk around over on the left side. You have a small fire pit area. It was so cold whenever I stayed here. I didn’t want to go outside and try to start a fire; I might not have even been successful. So I didn’t want to freeze, but there is a fire out here. And you take a look at all around and all the trees, and you feel like you’re really in the forest. One cool thing to know is that if you cannot see the type of tree from the tiny house, he did not use that type of wood when making or building this little house, which is pretty cool. So that being said, let’s walk inside and check out. The classes range from anything to animating self-portrait photography or even interior design.

One class that interested me was Interior Design Basics, simple steps to perfect your space by Lauren Cox. This is an in-depth class. That explains all about interior design. And more specifically, color is an introductory class that I watched and how vital color is because many spaces I see choose some wacky colors and don’t flow that well. Skillshare is curated specifically for learning. Now back to the tour when you first walk in. On the left side is a small foyer area. There’s a small bench right here. You can sit down and get your shoes all on done, and they provide some slippers under here for you. And up above that, provide some books, and there are just a couple baskets, but we’ll continue walking.

Now you reach your kitchen area and dining space area

This is the iconic place that I’ve seen all over Instagram. I think this place is very, very popular. And this is your dining nook surrounded by this beautiful black walnut wood. You got the big round window right here in the middle. And there’s two seats on either side and then, of course, your table in the center. A couple of shelves are sunk in the wood over here just. Overall this looks phenomenal and beautiful, definitely picturesque and even romantic and unique for the couple’s getaway. I loved the spot so much. And on the other side is your kitchen area which is also black walnut wood for the cabinets, I believe. I think the cabinets are very high quality, open them up, and they have your cooking utensils and anything like that over here on the right side.

And above all of this is your black countertop. You have a cooktop stove on this right side, and then you have your sink over here on the left side. On both sides of this kitchen, you have a couple of shelves. Over here on this right side is this beautiful handmade shelf that holds all of your spices. And then over on the other side, you got a couple of additional shelves that keep your coffee or your tea. One thing about the tea is that it is gathered locally in the owner’s super cool property. So there’s mint tea; he figured that himself and made the tea. I think that is so cool. But it holds everything you need for your tea. And there’s a long handle. I think that is such a unique idea and is fantastic.

I also believe in the kitchen and the shelf behind the sink

And everything in this has some more radishes, these dishes and cups and plates are nice because it’s locally made pottery and is very high quality. I want to try to buy some myself whenever I get home because I like this so much. We’ll continue along and behind the store is your entire bathroom. Over on the left side, you got your vanity and a couple of shelves, your toilet. There’s a couple of windows in here. But you can’t see any of your neighbors or anything through these windows, which is nice. We’ll walk out of that and walk past your kitchen and your dining duck. And I’ll swing around, and now we enter into your massive living room space.

We’ll start over here. You have this vast ladder that leads up to your loft on this left side. Now one thing to note about this ladder is you might see that it’s round pegs that hurt your feet, but the tops of these pegs have been flattened out, so it’s easier on your feet. So there’s one very important little detail, but you walk up in your loft, and this is just a nice little seating area for tea or if you drink coffee or read appear or whatever you want. There is a vast 300-pound slab of oak, I believe, and a couple of cushions for seating. The Nook – Tiny House w.

You might notice that the oak and even the railings are black

This is still wood, and it’s not painted black. The host uses a Japanese technique where they use black ink to dye the wood, which keeps the texture of the wood and keeps the wood looking like how it looked but just black instead of painting it where it kind of covers everything. I don’t quite understand the technique. And now, this is your living room space with the vast window right here that overlooks the rest of your property. It’s just an extra seat, and this is unique to heavy swing in a tiny house. It just adds to the vibe and just the uniqueness of this place.

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