Tiny Home on Wheels

Tiny Home on Wheels
Tiny Home on Wheels

Tiny Home on Wheels, Last week we toured the Lux tiny house because out of this world, they were going to be taking a tour of their neighbor the scan, equally as fantastic, I think. So, let’s go check this tiny house out. Once again today, we’re in Berlin, Ohio, and one of the largest Amish communities in the United States, which is such an excellent experience. And there’s plenty of fun things to do in this area. We’re about 90 minutes from Columbus and 90 minutes from Cleveland. So if you’re from the place where you want to check out tiny houses, I would suggest continuing watching this video because this is a sick Tiny House. Today we are taking a tour of the little stand house on wheels.

This is called the skandi. Because this tiny house has a Scandinavian design to it, which is one of my favorites, this tiny house is a little smaller than the neighbors that we showed you last week. So you might like it better or not. And it’s honestly just as cool as the last one. So if you haven’t seen last week’s video, watch that one after this one to get the gist of both of them. If you do want to book these places, the links are down below. They’re both on Airbnb, or I provide the host’s website as well. You can book through there. When you arrive, you walk down the lit path in the woods here, leading to your tiny house.

The skandi has a beautiful look to it, Tiny Home on Wheels

The huge windows look gorgeous, and the deck that spans the entire length of the tiny house is a huge bonus, and it’s a great quality deck. The landscaping here is also very super, very luxurious feeling at these little houses. On this end, you have a couple of seating options with an umbrella and a privacy wall. You may be worried about how close these tiny houses are, but the hosts strategically face them opposite of each other. And both have a privacy fence, so it feels very private here, which is nice. In between the tiny houses, there’s a garden which is a nice touch. Tiny Home on Wheels .

Let’s walk up on the deck and into the tiny house and check it out for ourselves. Instantly you’ll feel how open and airy it is in here. The owners designed all of this, which they did an incredible job with the 12-foot ceilings, and all the windows add so much space here to make it feel even more significant than what it is. This has a unique layout to it. So I think you guys will like it. Let’s start with the right side here, which is your living space. There’s a couch here that can be converted into a sleeper sofa. You can sit here and watch TV, which is located on the wall across the kitchen. It may look far away, but this is a tiny house, so that that looks can be deceiving.

Above this is your coffee station with local coffee provided and floating shelves for all of your dishes

There’s plenty of cabinet space as well, and above is your sink area. The countertop is a fun one here, and I think it looks great compared to everything else in here. Lastly, your refrigerator is at the end tucked away, and I like how it’s propped up here. And it’s placed very nicely in here. It’s not just a mini-fridge sticking out like in some tiny houses looks like it’s supposed to be here behind this is your dining area with two chairs looking out into your property through this huge window. They provide baked goods here for you as well, so you can’t go wrong with that. Thank you, Kevin and Liz. These are so good. I don’t know if you made them or if they’re breaking bake, but they’re delicious, and they’re so squishy.

This table rounds off to let more space in for the steps, but we’ll get to that in a second. The sliding door next to the steps goes into your bathroom. Here you will have a washer dryer combo, and you have your toilet, and then your vanity over here on the right side looks and matches everything else in this tiny house and then, of course, your walk-in tiled shower. You’re not missing a single ounce of spacing here. I think it is all very normal-sized, and I would give this bathroom 10 out of 10 for being in a tiny house and just the size of this bathroom. And now enter into your bedroom loft space; up here is where you’ll be sleeping. Tiny Home on Wheels.

At the same time, visiting this tiny house has plenty of room, Tiny Home on Wheels

Even with a generously sized bed up here. You can lower this railing which looks incredible. I love how to design the fence and these tiny houses by unlatching it and folding it down this feature is so creative as well, with the step that unfolds at the bottom to get into the bed easier. Up here, you will have a shelf behind your bed and a skylight up here.
You can sleep under the stars up here. The hosts nailed it with this tiny house. I think who wouldn’t want a skylight for a clear night to be laying here and looking at the stars. And even if you don’t like it, you can close it, which is very lovely. Even on a rainy night here in the rain pelts on it is beautiful.

So that is it for your tiny house on the inside. Your outdoor space is just 30 feet from your little place along the path we walked to get here. Here you have a fire pit, a sauna, and an ice bath barrel. The sauna looks cool among these trees. You just get in steam up, enjoy your time. And if you want, fill up the iceberg with cold water and hop in it to cool off doing this process. Let’s hear blood vessels contract and expand from the cold and hot, which I hear is very good for your health. That’s why all the Nordic people and even other cultures do this, but who am I to give health advice? I just tore tiny houses.

Back to the Amish community aspect, and there we are located

There are great restaurants with locally grown food, and it seems like people know how to prepare food in the Amish country. It tastes incredible. There are tons of antique shops. One of my favorite things to do is go to the antique shops and see what that’s all about. See what I can get. There are farmhouse decor shops everywhere if that’s your style or if these tiny houses are your style. There’s plenty of decor shops for that. There’s an Amish comedy club here. There are farms that you can take tours of and go and check out the animals. Some of them have exotic animals, which is cool too. And you take a wagon and ride across all of it. This is just an elegant community.

And if you haven’t ever experienced the Amish community, I would highly suggest it. You can see them riding their horse and buggies, which is super cool. Anyway, thank you guys for watching this video. Please share them if you like them. Let me know which of the two tiny houses you liked better, the Lux or the Scandi. I want them both for what they were. But that bathroom sold me the Lux, but I like just the feel of the Scandi for some reason, I don’t know. So I don’t know which one’s my favorite. Anyway, I’ll see you guys next week’s video. Thumbs up everywhere you get while staying here, which I highly oh my gosh, that was a waste.

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